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It may seem that all the major search engines have their unique algorithm for ranking web site, but there is more to it than just algorithms. If you type "SEO India" on Google that can give you a specific result, but the same keyword

"SEO India", when introduced into Yahoo or MSN can give totally different results. This is not limited to the keyword "SEO India", but for all the keywords you are trying to look at these search engines. When he experimented with all search engines, without considering or trying to analyze the algorithms, there was a unique pattern that emerged.

Bots: Google
Keywords: SEO India
Engine Type: Application Engine

Google loves Wikipedia and Google results show and gives more importance to the trust factor is decirsi your domain name, which target the keyword "SEO India" is 10 years old or reserved for the next 10 years that Google is supposed to be serious about your business and therefore a better ranking. Confidence range is not limited to the age of the domain and also including but not limited to the purchase of SSL certificates, list your phone number, address, etc. have a privacy policy

Bot: Yahoo!
Keywords: SEO India
Type: motor social

The results of Yahoo! 's lean toward the ads on e-bay (a member of Yahoo), the results (owned by Yahoo) and Flickr (owned by Yahoo), this means that the best are listed for the keyword "SEO India" on these sites more for their preference domain and therefore a higher score. Yahoo! also tries to incorporate the results of many of the responses from Yahoo.

Bots: MSN
Keywords: SEO India
Engine Type: Engine Product

MSN is always good for search-based products that are not available in other search engines. Therefore, the keyword "SEO India" as a keyword-oriented services that are difficult to obtain high scores quickly. MSN also began to use more Wikipedia results.

Therefore, please note the pattern of these search engines to optimize your website and choose the search engines based on keywords to use. Therefore, if the destination is "SEO India", then I would not prefer MSN as a destination search engine.

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