About Google PageRank

The once-acclaimed and celebrated by the search engine giant Google Pagerank loses more and more important. An elaborate system of recommendations and their ratings give a PageRank of 0 to 10 If a website is not indexed or punished, comes the "N/A" is used.

As the world wide web has many corners Linked together and these links in the broadest sense is a recommendation, you can calculate the patented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin the pagerank formula. Using the Google Toolbar can all Internet surfers can show this for each website. Roughly speaking, the higher the pagerank, the "better" the website. But the word "better" is not in vain in quotes.

Several years ago, the PageRank was an important ranking criterion. Hence arose an entire niche in online marketing, which specializes in trading links and increase the "green bar". One can make sweeping, the higher the pagerank of the linked page, the more expensive the link. Also sometimes fast three-digit monthly amounts were due.

Meanwhile the algorithm developed by Google and you will not invest more emphasis on the pagerank, but rather on the quality of the linked page. Even you go to rigorously debunked link with sellers. This can mean up to a complete removal of the website from the search results.

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