SEO Tips and Tricks

If you want your website ranked high on Google, Yahoo, or another search engine, then you need to run the technique of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By implementing these SEO techniques, your blog or website is not only the highest ranked on search engine , but your blog will also have many visitors.

SEO tehcniques there are two types, ON PAGE and OFF PAGE.

ON PAGE SEO techniques, means making our web pages as possible. That is by choosing an appropriate title, keyword adequate but not excessive, adding a link on a keyword, bold, italic, and so forth.

Tips and Tricks ON PAGE :
  1. Focus on your keyword, think a moment about people will enter any keyword in Google or Yahoo is right for your website.
  2. Use the title contains the keyword.
  3. Use the keyword 5-10 times in the content  of your writing.
  4. Use the ALT (for links and image) contains your keyword.
  5. Use Bold and Italic on your keyword.
  6. Use the link on your keyword.

OFF PAGE SEO technique, is to build links as much as possible towards our blog. You can follow the exchange of links with friends, or put a link on myspace page, comments, guest books and so forth. The more links that point to our website, than we PAGERANK will be higher. The higher PAGERANK website means the more likely we are in the highest order of search engines.

Here are the things that are prohibited in the SEO (BLACKHAT SEO), if you run this ban, then your website will be blacklisted search engine (not indexed).
  1. Creating a doorway, which ia a special page for search engine that are not useful for your visitors.
  2. Put a link on your website that are "bad neighborhood", that is there already site is blacklisted (including a link farm).
  3. Following the paid links.
  4. Building links in a very large amount in a short time.
  5. It contained exactly tha same as other website.

Search engine are now getting smater, make your website or blog weighty and useful to visitors, then your website will be visited by many people from around the world.



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