How to find good keywords

Good keywords are frequently hunted for (high demand) however not being targeted by several different websites (low competition). There are variety of tools out there which will assist you realize them.


The best tool out there, Wordtracker is one in every of the foremost essential SEO tools. To use Wordtracker:

- visit the Wordtracker web site ( pay $7 for twenty-four hours' access

- Enter a keyword phrase you are pondering targeting

- Wordtracker can counsel many connected phrases - click on those you wish

- Once you have clicked on all the phrases you wish, run them through the program

- Wordtracker can compile a score for every phrase, primarily based on variety|the amount|the quantity} of users looking for it and also the number of internet sites targeting it

- the upper the score, the higher the keyword phrase!

Wordtracker additionally offers a free service that works within the same manner however solely uses results generated from MSN.


Also helpful, Overture's search term suggestion tool (, is free and far quicker to use than Wordtracker. It works in a lot of identical manner as Wordtracker however does not tell you the way several websites are targeting every keyword phrase.


Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions ( tell you which of them keyword phrases are being targeted by different websites.


Guidebeam ( is a noteworthy resource. kind in an exceedingly phrase and it'll counsel an outsized range of connected searches. The numbers provided for every phrase are Guidebeam's estimation of how relevant that phrase is.

Secret Benefit Of SEO

A higher search ranking is what several web site house owners dream of. What they do not realise is that by optimising their website for the search engines, if done properly, they will conjointly optimise it for his or her website guests.

Ultimately this suggests a lot of folks finding your web site and increased sales and lead generation. however are search engine optimisation and usefulness compatible? are not there trade-offs that require to be created between giving search engines what they require and giving folks what they want? browse on and verify (although i am certain you'll guess the answer!)...

1. Keyword analysis distributed

Before you even begin building your web site, ought to|you ought to|you must} do keyword analysis to spot that keyword phrases your website should target. Using publicly offered tools like Wordtracker (, you'll discover that keywords are sought for the foremost frequently and then specifically target those phrases.

Doing keyword analysis is additionally crucial for your site's usability. By using constant keywords in your web site that internet users are finding out in search engines, you may literally be speaking constant language as your website guests.

For example, you would possibly arrange to target the phrase, "sell toys", as your web site will indeed sell toys. Keyword analysis would undoubtedly show you that internet users are literally finding out, "buy toys" (think concerning it - have you ever ever searched using the word, "sell", after you need to shop for something?). By inserting the phrase, "buy toys" on to the pages on your web site, you will be using constant words as your website guests and they will be ready to notice what they are searching for a lot of simply.

2. two hundred word minimum per page

Quite merely, search engines love content - the a lot of content there's on a page the better it's for search engines to figure out what the page is really concerning. Search engines might struggle to figure out the purpose of an online page with but two hundred words, ultimately penalising that page within the search rankings.

In terms of usability, it is also smart to avoid pages with little or no content. A page with but two hundred words is unlikely to contain an outsized quantity of data, therefore website guests can undoubtedly have to be compelled to click elsewhere to search out a lot of detailed info. do not be afraid to place a fairly great deal of data on to a page. internet users usually do not mind scrolling down anymore, and provided the page provides mechanisms to assist scanning (such as using sub-headings - see purpose six below) it should not be too tough for website guests to find the data that they are when.

3. 100kb most HMTL size

If two hundred words is that the minimum page content size, then 100kb is that the most, a minimum of in terms of HMTL file size. something quite this and search engines might surrender on the page as it's just too huge for them.

A 100kb HMTL file can take twenty seconds to download on a 56k dial up modem, employed by 3 in four UK internet users as of March 2004 (source: Add on the time it takes for all the opposite components of the page to download, like pictures and JavaScript files, and you are looking at a highly un-user-friendly download time!

4. CSS used for layout

The website of Juicy Studios ( saw a six-fold increase in website guests when switching from a table-based layout to a CSS layout. Search like CSS-based sites and are probably to get them higher within the search rankings because:

- The code is cleaner and so a lot of accessible to go looking engines

- necessary content will be placed at the highest of the HTML document

- there's a bigger density of content compared to coding

Using CSS for layout is additionally highly advantageous for usability, because it results in considerably faster download times.

5. Meaningful page title

If understand|you recognize} something concerning search engine optimisation you may know that search engines place a lot of importance on the page title than the other attribute on the page. If the title adequately describes the content of that page then search engines are going to be ready to a lot of accurately guess what that page is concerning.

A meaningful page title conjointly helps website guests compute where they're, each at intervals the positioning and therefore the internet as an entire. The page title is that the very first thing that masses up, typically quite a number of seconds before the content, therefore a descriptive, keyword-rich page title will be a true aid to assist users orientate themselves.

6. Headings and sub-headings used

Search engines assume that the text contained in heading tags is a lot of necessary than the remainder of the document text, as headings (in theory at least) summarise the content immediately below them.

Headings are incredibly helpful for your human website guests, as they greatly aid scanning. usually speaking, we do not browse on the net, we scan, searching for the data that we're when. By calling it quits page sections with sub-headings that effectively describe the content beneath them, scanning becomes considerably easier.

Do take care to not abuse heading tags though. The a lot of text you have got contained in heading tags at intervals the page, the less importance search engines assign to them.

7. gap paragraph describes page content

We've already established that search engines love content, however they particularly love the primary twenty five words or therefore on every page. By providing a gap paragraph that adequately describes the content of the remainder of the page (or the positioning if it is the homepage), you must be ready to embody your necessary keyword phrases during this crucial space.

As internet users, whenever we tend to arrive at an online page the primary issue we want to understand is whether or not this page has the data that we're when. a good thanks to notice this out is to scan through the primary paragraph, which, if it sufficiently describes the page content, ought to facilitate us out.

8. Descriptive link text

Search engines place plenty of importance on link text. They assume that link text are going to be descriptive of its destination and as such examine link text for all links pointing to any page. If all the links pointing to a page concerning widgets say 'click here', search engines cannot gain any info this page while not visiting it. If on the opposite hand, all the links say, 'widgets' then search engines will simply guess what that page is concerning.

One of the most effective samples of this in action is for the search term, 'miserable failure'. numerous folks have linked to George Bush's bio using this phrase because the link text, that currently when miserable failure is sought for in Google, George Bush's bio seems prime of the search rankings!

As internet users, we do not usually browse sites word-for-word - we tend to scan them searching for the data that we're when. after you scan through text you cannot take any which means from the word 'click here'. Link text that effectively describes its destination is much easier to scan and you'll perceive the destination of the link while not having to browse its surrounding words.

9. Frames avoided

Frames are quite an old-school technique, and though are not as commonplace as they once were, do still rear up their ugly head from time to time. Using frames is one amongst the worst doable stuff you might do for your search engine ranking, as most search engines cannot follow links between frames.

Even if an exploration engine will index your pages and internet users notice you thru an exploration engine, they will be taken to 1 of the pages at intervals the frame. This page can most likely be a content page with no navigation (navigation is often contained during a separate frame) and so no thanks to navigate to the other page on the site!

Frames are disadvantageous for usability as they will cause issues with the rear button, printing, history and bookmarking. Put simply, say no to frames!

10. Quality content provided

This may appear to be a wierd characteristic of an exploration engine optimised web site, however it's really crucial. Search engines, additionally to watching page content, check out the amount of links pointing in to sites. The a lot of inbound links a web site has, all different things being equal, the upper within the search rankings it'll seem.

By providing inventive, distinctive and frequently updated content on your web site, webmasters can need to link to you as doing therefore can add worth to their website guests. you may even be adding worth to your website guests.


Optimising your web site for each search engines and folks needn't be a trade-off. With this abundant overlap between the 2 areas, you must simply be ready to have {a internetsite|an internet site|a web site} that web users will notice within the search engines, and once they do notice it, they will notice what they are searching for quickly and efficiently.

Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

Sometimes a probe engine optimization company can miss that evident question posed by potential shoppers and assume the advantages of search engine optimization are obvious to everybody. whereas distributing a few thousand on an SEO campaign is sense to some, others could realize it arduous to half with the money unless they realize it is an investment in their business that's absolute to bring a decent come back.

Search engines account for a large portion of traffic to websites. information varies counting on what sources you browse, however very cheap line is that search engines are used legion times daily by customers sorting out product and services. And having your business displayed at the highest of search results is crucial if you wish to try to to any business from the most important search engines. 9 in each 10 users can realize what they are yearning for within the high ten results and will not move to page two.

It's obvious that folks will create lots of cash from on-line sales, however how you advertise your product incorporates a massive referring to what reasonably profit you create. If you purchase advertising house on Google AdWords or different services that charge per click, you will solely shell out ten cents for each visitor to your web site - however what if it takes a hundred clicks to create one sale? If your product solely sell for $10 a bit, then there's no profit being created. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns also will never stop costing you cash. Search Engine Optimization, on the opposite hand, will be terribly cheap over months and years.

Many SEO and net selling firms can say that ongoing maintenance is required to succeed in and keep high search engine rankings. whereas this can be true, use caution how the corporate says they are doing it. there's an inexpensive manner and then there is a thanks to pad the pockets of the "experts." For a lot of on this issue, browse my different article entitled "What Constitutes an entire and Effective SEO Campaign?" briefly, the cheap manner can involve an intense content optimization followed by work to lift link popularity. This link popularity development ought to be the majority of any ongoing maintenance. a few times a year keyword analysis ought to be done once more and therefore the content ought to be checked out. Search trends will generally fluctuate therefore you wish to create certain your content continues to be geared toward the proper audience.

What is cheap and what is not varies greatly from company to company, trade to trade. within the bed and breakfast trade, $30 per month could also be enough to stay a high five ranking on Google if the market isn't terribly competitive. an internet web site competing for a high spot in a very database administration field could also be watching many hundred every week if less. very cheap line is, if you decide the proper Search Engine Optimization company, your come back on investment from an SEO campaign will be over one thousand billion.

SEO Campaign Complete and Effective

Unfortunately, not several Search Engine Optimization firms recognize what this involves. you will see a "one size fits all" package, link popularity development within the sort of submitting to link farms, or perhaps the dreaded "Submit Your web site to 1000's of Search Engines" scam. whereas the essential premise of every of those concepts is true, the execution of them is extraordinarily necessary.

First of all, your net web site wants human attention. a true person ought to totally analyze your web site before any work is completed. Get them on the phone and raise them queries. There ought to be a transparent method that the Search Engine Optimization company uses and tailors to every shopper. The SEO company ought to even have a transparent plan of what your goals are for your net web site.

The first step in any work that's done ought to be keyword analysis. like all reasonably advertising, you wish to grasp where your target market goes and the way they realize businesses like yours. The keywords chosen ought to apply to the theme of the online web site. High rankings for these keywords ought to even be obtainable given your budget. If you're a pc repair search with one or 2 locations in an exceedingly town and might not service computers outside your space, then targeting a term like "computer repair" is overkill. the price for getting high rankings for a term like which will be so much bigger than what you may build from the exposure, the maximum amount of your net web site traffic won't be targeted enough.

Once keywords are chosen for the online web site, the content ought to be updated to mirror them. this might embrace delicate changes to the meta tags, page titles and text headings; or it might involve adding extra sections to the positioning, rewriting content and reorganizing the online site's structure. It all depends on the particular necessities of the positioning and market.

Once the on-page content optimization is complete, link popularity development must be done. A link development campaign ought to be done to accumulate quality incoming links to the online web site. This part of search engine optimization ought to happen as soon as doable and might be continued as required. Reciprocal linking is okay as long as some caution is employed. There are several sketchy services out there that use huge networks of gambling and pharmacy sites with no distinctive content. perpetually ensure that every incoming link is interpreted by the search engines as a 'vote' by that web site for yours. it's worthless and presumably dangerous if the positioning links out to link farms and Free-For-All sites (FFA's). Writing articles with a link to your net web site, obtaining folks to post on forums and message boards, and advertising or obtaining links to drive targeted traffic to your web site are nice strategies to use in improving your link popularity.

For the foremost half, you get what you acquire with Search Engine Optimization. a fast fix can rarely works, and if it appears too smart to be true it most likely is. ask the search engine optimization company concerning your issues and ensure they perceive your goals. browse their web site and ensure they appear legitimate. raise for results they've obtained for previous purchasers. strategies that not effective and have an opportunity to urge a web site banned embrace hiding text or links, collaborating in link farms, keyword stuffing, repeat search engine submissions, and copying internet sites to multiple domains.

Proper SEO doesn't involve tricks. internet sites that have well written and well centered content, are advertised in a technique or another (including link popularity development), and overall are a decent informational resource can get traffic from the search engines. Search engines are constantly updating ways in which to weed out the spamming and illegal SEO strategies, thus assume long run with any search engine optimization campaign.

How to get link

You don't ought to be a rocket scientist to understand that having quality inbound links from websites with high page ranks will assist you attain high rankings in all the Search Engines.

But achieving this may be tougher to try to to than is imagined.

Why can a web site with high page rank link to you, a web site with low page rank?

That is the million bucks question.

And I have 1,000,000 bucks answer for you.

Below are a couple of search engine promoting secrets to assist you.

1. supply different websites free content to post on their net site. embrace your link on all of your content. The content ought to associated with your net website as a result of it'll be in front of your target market.

2. after you visit an internet website you have enjoyed lots, write a review for the location. Write concerning the advantages you gain from the online website. Tell them they'll publish it on their website if they link to your net site.

3. enable people to publish your e-zine on their net website. embrace your net site's ad and link in every issue you publish. this might conjointly assist you increase the quantity of individuals that subscribe to your e-zine.

4. Market your net website as a free net book. style your net website with a title page, table of contents, chapters, etc. simply enable people to allow away book by linking to your web website.

5. provide your guests a moment article directory. Tell your guests they'll instantly add a free article directory to their net website by linking to yours. simply place your ad or banner ad on prime of the article directory for your main net website.

6. enable different web sites|internet sites|websites} to use your discussion board for his or her net site guests. simply have them link on to the discussion board. embrace your websites ad or banner ad at the highest of the discussion board.

7. begin a members solely net website. Tell guests what is in your members solely website and what it prices to achieve access. supply them a free membership if, in exchange, they link to your net website.

8. supply your guests a free register to your affiliate program. Pay them commission to sell your merchandise or services. simply provide them an affiliate link to trace their sales. individuals can link to your net website to form more money.

9. produce your own award website for different websites. provide the winners a graphic or text link to position on their net website after they win. this can link your website to theirs and draw a lot of traffic to your net site.

10. Are you an knowledgeable on a specific subject? supply individuals free consulting via e-mail if, in exchange, they either link to your website. individuals can think about this a large price as a result of consulting fees is terribly expensive.

11. after you purchase a product and it exceeds your expectations e-mail the business a testimonial. ensure your statement is detailed. provide them permission to publish it on their net {site|website|web website} if they link to your site.

12. produce a directory of websites on a particular topic. provide individuals the choice of adding the directory to their net website by linking to it. place your business ad at the highest of the directory's home page.

13. Exchange content with different websites. you'll trade articles, prime 10 lists, etc. each parties might embrace a resource box at the top of the content.

14. enable individuals to download software at no charge from your net website, if they link to your net website. The software may be freeware, shareware or demos.

15. Trade different varieties of advertising to those that link to your net website. you'll trade e-zine ads, print ads, autoresponder ads, ads, ebook ads, etc.

16. disclose net house to individuals without charge. Since you're giving it away without charge, request they link to your website by putting your ad or banner to the location.

17. be a part of or produce an internet ring. an internet ring could be a cluster of websites on an analogous subject agreeing to link along. to seek out an internet ring to hitch kind keywords "web rings" into your search engine of selection.

18. produce an internet club or association. Tell your guests what is included within the membership and what it prices to hitch. supply them a free membership if, in exchange, they link to your net website.

19. enable individuals to use  service or utilities from your web website if, in exchange, they link to your net website. the net service may be an e-mail account, search engine submission, online page style, copywriting, proofreading, etc.

20. supply a free e-book to your net website guests. The ebook ought to be associated with your target market. enable them to allow the e-book to their own website guests by linking on to your net site.

May these search engine promoting secrets assist you to form lots of cash.

How Choose Domain to Boosts SEO

There are 2 ways that of choosing a site name. you'll be able to opt for the domain name 1st and use it as your organization name or vice versa. Most of the recent organizations opt to retain their name in their URL.

Many startup organizations choose their URL 1st and then name their organization. this is often due to the non availability of the right URL.

Your web site URL is your on-line identity that's visible to countless net users. It impacts your organization name, web site SEO and future business endeavors. of these factors ought to be taken into thought before choosing a URL.

Boost Your web site SEO with the subsequent Domain choice Tips:

1. Opt for a Keyword made Domain Name: A keyword made URL may be a bonus for any web site. It helps boost ranking within the search engine results pages. If the required keyword made URL isn't accessible, you'll be able to add a prefix or a suffix to the keyword. A URL that contains a mix of keywords helps in drawing additional traffic to the web site.

2. Embody Hyphens within the Domain Name: Search engines will distinguish between hyphenated keywords terribly simply. This helps in ranking higher in search results pages. Hyphenated keywords within the URL are an honest choice if the required keyword made URL isn't accessible. there's one pitfall in using hyphens within the URL. Your web site visitor will land on the competitor’s web site if they forget to feature the hyphens. Webmasters ought to embody hyphens as a final choice to acquire the right domain name.

3. Choose A high Level Domain Name: an internet site URL ought to be selected primarily based on the geographical location of the purchasers. If your web site caters to the purchasers at a worldwide level, a dot-com domain is appropriate for you. If the dot-com domain isn't accessible, you'll be able to opt between dot-net and dot-org. If your organization relies in uk, your high level domain ought to be dot-co-dot-uk. A non-profit organization ought to take dot-org as their high level domain.

4. Purchase a replacement Domain Name: a site name ought to be researched well before buying. it's a crucial to induce a URL associated with your niche.

Tips for buying a replacement URL:

1. The name ought to be straightforward to spell & keep in mind.

2. URL’s are cheap. you'll be able to register multiple keywords made URL and redirect them to the most domain. As a result, lots of traffic are directed to the most website.

3.  Certify that you just don't seem to be infringing another organizations name.

4. If your organization belongs to a specific region, Purchase a geo specific URL. This helps in capturing the target market.

Purchase an Aged Domain Name:
1. perpetually check the background of an aged domain before buying it. Aged domains will provide your web site SEO an honest boost. Tips for buying an aged URL:

2. Check the domain age. this can offer you a concept of how recent the domain is. Google provides lots of importance to aged domains in search results pages. Your probabilities of ranking well improve with the age of the domain name.

3. Note the page rank of the aged domain. because the page rank will increase, the importance of the domain will increase.

4. Calculate the quantity of backlinks of the aged domain. An aged domain ought to have a couple of hundred backlinks. If the backlinks don't seem to be sufficient or are of poor quality, move on to buying another aged domain.

A good domain name shouldn't exceed sixty seven characters. seek for a reputed service supplier to host your URL. Register your URL for a couple of years rather than one year. Your web site can leave an honest and lasting impression on Google.

Why Lowdown On Meta Tags

Anyone who’s learnt the fundamentals of SEO has come upon the 2 very little words – meta tags. Some argue that meta tags are necessary, while alternative dismiss their use altogether. Here’s what you would like to understand concerning meta tags, their importance and their use.

Back within the early days of search engine optimization (SEO), any given website’s ranking within the search engines relied heavily on on‐site optimization factors. These factors included, 1st and foremost, meta tags, additionally as header tags, keyword density, and thus forth.

As search engines have evolved, they need moved weighting faraway from on‐site factors and towards off‐site factors (as well as a bunch of alternative small factors). For this reason, meta tags now not carry the load that they used to, however actually do still serve a awfully necessary perform.

Meta tags are broken into 3 tag sorts – “title”, “keywords” and “description”. We’ll scrutinize all 3 separately.

The title tag is what's displayed within the actual header of the net browser (be it web Explorer, Firefox or Safari). This tag is taken into account the foremost necessary of the 3 and is best used to replicate the keywords that the page is trying to rank for. This tag is additionally the tag that shows up because the heading during a search result, thus make certain that it includes your keywords, and a pretty copy t o catch the searcher’s attention! Keep in mind that the search engines can solely show a precise title length, thus attempt keep your titles to seven words or less.

The keywords tag is pretty self‐explanatory. this is often used to replicate the keywords that best describe the page itself. Its best follow to insert your keywords during this tag, within the order of highest importance to lowest importance ‐ separated by commas. There’s ongoing dialogue on what percentage keywords you ought to or shouldn’t use during this tag, however the most effective bet is keep it but six separate keywords or phrases. a lot of importantly, make certain that the content of every page is reflective of the chosen keywords (i.e., attempt use the keywords within the page content as well).

The last of the meta tags is that the description tag. This tag is what's mirrored underneath your heading tag within the search engine results (although some search engines combine and match this with alternative information). you would like to visualize this tag as your chance to lure guests through to your web site, thus try and build it as compelling as doable, and sprinkle your keywords throughout the copy if in any respect doable. the best length for this tag is fifteen – twenty five words.

And that sums up the long and in need of meta tags. As mentioned, though they don’t carry the load that they used to, they’re still a necessary tool within the webmaster’s tool kit. make certain that you just produce customized meta tags for every page on your web site, and don’t be afraid to urge artistic concerning how you write your copy for the outline tag!

How to be a Great SEO

There are a spread of misconceptions surrounding search engine optimization nowadays. One huge misconception that a lot of site house owners have is that when they need their site established and that they submit it to look engines, they’ll get traffic promptly. the reality is that there's lots a lot of to bringing traffic to your web site. Search engine optimization may be a task that's ongoing and it will take quite alittle of labor. rather than submitting your web site to the search engines promptly, here are a number of vital steps to nice SEO that you just ought to take 1st.

Step #1 – analysis Your Keywords

One of the necessary steps you would like to require for excellent SEO before you submit your web site to the search engines is to analysis your keywords. No doubt, you already recognize what the subject of your web site is all regarding. it's necessary that you just opt for the proper keywords currently before you submit your web site. once you choose keywords, keep in mind criteria that the search engines have for keywords. search for niche keywords rather than keywords that are thus broad you’ll never rank well with them.

Step #2 – Improve Your Title Tags

Another step to require before submitting to the search engines is improving your title tags. one amongst the most important things which will confirm your score within the search engines is that the look of keywords within the title tags. don't come with title tags that don’t use your keywords. Your title tags ought to be keyword made, which might assist you make sure that you get robust rankings when your web site is submitted to the search engines.

Step #3 – check up on Your web site Technology

Take your time to visualize out your website technology before submitting your site to the search engines similarly. Some technology designed into sites will find yourself confusing the spiders that crawl through websites. Image maps, CGI scripts, frames, and alternative forms of technology might not be understood by several of the spiders out there. bear your web site fastidiously and make sure that technology isn't holding you back from obtaining high rankings within the search engines.

Step #4 – Check for Errors

Checking your web site for errors is additionally attending to be a vital step to nice SEO. It’s a decent plan to use a web site maintenance tool to create positive that you just catch any errors before you begin bringing customers to your web site. Any errors in HTML will find yourself inflicting issues for search engine spiders. Not solely will errors cause issues with spiders, however they'll even be frustrating to web site a user, which suggests they will leave your web site. now could be the time to confirm that any errors are taken care of.

Each of those steps is important to the success of your web site. Before you submit your web site to the search engines, bear these steps and make sure that your web site is prepared.

Website Traffic Counter

If you’re longing for a free internet website traffic counter, you actually don’t ought to look terribly way. There are several websites that give this service to you. If you’re not conversant in the fundamentals of a free internet website traffic counter, here’s simply a quick clarification. You register for a free account, enter in your contact details or no matter different info needed, and you're given a code that will|you'll|you'll be able to} then paste into your web site in order that the program can retrieve the mandatory information. If you would like the amount of {website|web website} guests to your site to even be shown to your internet guests, you'll be able to opt for a code for that. and infrequently times, you'll be able to opt for a particular graphic of how you would like the counter to seem. Or, if you don’t need that info shared (like within the instances of newer websites), then you'll be able to opt for a code which will create it invisible.

Here are simply many of the traffic counters out there.

Let’s begin with Google, for one. they provide a service referred to as Google Analytics. currently this service is totally free if you're a Google Adwords client and you’ve paid your bills. If you're not a Google Adwords client, the service is free till you reach 5 million pageviews per month per account.

Stat Counter is another service that is obtainable for gratis till you reach one and a 0.5 million pageloads per month. the worth then goes up from simply 9 greenbacks per month for one.5 million to seven.5 million pageloads, nineteen greenbacks for between seven.5 million and fifteen million, and twenty nine greenbacks per month for over fifteen million.

Free Stat Counter, because the name implies, is free. However, you are doing pay a value for that, if not in actual greenbacks. This service includes a sponsor link that's engineered into the code you show, in order that they generate revenue from advertising, however you may currently need the sponsor info on your website.

Website Hit Counters offers an excellent style of counter graphics to settle on from, in all sizes, shapes and colours. This service additionally adds a sponsor into their code that either links back to web site Hit Counter’s web site or the sponsor. This informative website additionally offers smart resources, tips services, guides and data for webmaster. Free Hits Counter is yet one more free stat counter. this can be a awfully basic website, with many counter styles to settle on from. simply plug in your website info and you're able to go. This website is additionally free as a result of the counters are sponsored by advertisers who receive atiny low link.

If you are doing attempt to opt for one amongst the free internet website traffic counters, certify that you just don't alter the code (for example, to require out the sponsor link) as this violates their terms of service.

Website Traffic Ideas

If there's one factor that each web marketer desires it's additional guests to their web site. this subject has been lined in varied ways that within the past. As a refresher here are ten of the foremost well-liked ways that to induce additional web site traffic.

1. Pay per click advertising. Google Adwords continues to dominate this advertising strategy. but Yahoo promoting, 7Search, Bidvertiser, and plenty of alternative paid search engines provide reasonable alternatives.

2. Blogging. A well-written blog article will bring search engine traffic. It may also increase the quantity of subscribers to your RSS feed which might result in repeat guests and additional traffic.

3. Social bookmarking. To bookmark your blog URL into a number of the highest social directories use a bookmarking sites like Social Marker. This helps the search engines to search out you and may result in additional web site guests.

4. Article promoting. this can be still a good long run strategy for promoting a web site. therefore the reader will simply realize you embrace a link to your web site in your resource box.

5. Article videos. There are services like Article Video Robot that may convert articles into videos. You then submit it to the highest shared video sites like You Tube and Yahoo.

6. Video promoting. Google owns You Tube that gets eighty fifth of all video traffic. Doing video promoting could be a great way to point out up within the search engines and make web site guests.

7. Email promoting. Anytime you send a mailing out your list you'll be able to embrace a link back to your web site. this could embrace blog updates and asserting new product.

8. Publish a newsletter. These are called Ezines and are around currently for nearly fifteen years on-line. this can be a decent thanks to offer helpful data to individuals still as promote product in your on-line newsletter.

9. Viral promoting. it's a decent factor anytime you'll be able to get someone to inform someone else regarding your web business. ways that to form viral promoting embrace reports, articles, ebooks, and so on. this might conjointly embrace posting the video on You Tube that goes viral everywhere the net.

10. Go offline. you'll be able to still drive traffic to your web site the recent fashion means together with flyers, business cards, newspaper advertising, and radio. repeatedly are often} dependent upon what your actual budget is as off-line promoting can be expensive.

Link Building based Page Segmentation

The days of basing a successful link building strategy on link amount and anchor text alone is also numbered. The link popularity theories behind PageRank and Hilltop stay vital, however major search engines are regularly adding new components to their link algorithms to boost search relevance. one amongll|one amongst|one in every of} these new components is that the concept of visual page segmentation that was recently proposed in a paper entitled "Block-level Link Analysis," by Deng Cai, Xaiofei He, Ji-Rong Wen and Wei-Ying, out there on-line at

How VIPS Works

The paper introduces VIsion-based Page Segmentation (VIPS), that begins with the premise that current link popularity algorithms are faulty in that they contemplate every page on the planet Wide net as one node. completely different|completely different} "blocks" on a page but usually have different semantics; as an example, a block on the left facet of the page would possibly contain a general navigational menu or text link advertisements, whereas the block on the proper facet of the page would possibly contain an informational article or links to alternative websites a couple of sure topic. When VIPS is applied, these blocks is separated by a pc with a vision-based program. every block will then be thought-about because the basic unit of research, instead of the whole page. When a link is scored in terms of its block, the link"s contextual relevance is interpreted additional intelligently by search engines.

What VIPS means that for Search Engine Optimization

In the close to future major search engines like Google, Yahoo! net Search and MSN Search can probably integrate some type of visual page segmentation into their search algorithms. A successful search engine optimization strategy ought to incorporate data of block-level analysis to confirm that the consequences of a link building campaign are maximized. however how specifically will a plan like VIPS have an effect on search engine optimization? 2 consequences particularly ought to create each SEO take pause.

Devaluation of Links from sure Blocks

VIPS can permit search engines to differentiate between links from the content block and links from alternative blocks like text advertisement blocks or footer blocks. As such, algorithms may simply weight links from every block differently.

A link from the content block might be thought-about as additional probably to be a real recommendation than a link from a text link advertisement block. Search engines might so offer additional weight to in-content links whereas devaluing links that seem to be advertisements. Sites that rent links through link networks typically do place them in an exceedingly block on top of, below or to the facet of the content block. When VIPS is implemented, there's a risk that a lot of rented advertisement links might be devalued.

Improved Contextual Analysis

The theme during which your link is placed conjointly are additional vital than ever before. several search engine optimizers have voiced their opinion that "anchor text is everything"; that's, the theme of a page linking to an online website doesn't parse link relevance, however solely the anchor text of the link will.

With block-level analysis, search engines are ready to acknowledge the theme of any given block additional simply. this could have the impact of boosting the link relevance for links from tightly-themed content blocks, whereas devaluing links that are in an exceedingly block with no apparent theme.

Links that may invariably Soar

A search engine optimizer needn't worry the consequences of VIsion-based Page Segmentation. though VIPS can in all probability devalue sure varieties of links that are favored by several SEOs, it'll concurrently increase the worth of themed, in-context links.

I have invariably stressed the worth of legitimate links from directories, articles and press releases. These varieties of links are placed in an exceedingly content block and are tightly themed (that is, your target keywords are close to your link).Webmasters who actively build these varieties of links can have the benefit of future rankings even when new twists like VIPS are added into the algorithmic combine. In fact, these algorithmic enhancements ought to improve search relevance and neutralize a number of the spammier link building ways. and that is one thing we should always all be happy regarding.

Keyword Selection Search Engines Optimization

Below are what I decision the "10 Commandments" for Keywords.

To start with choose "keyword phrases" NOT keywords. this can be vital. After all, the keyword itself is included within the keyword phrase.

Consider choose completely different endings for your keywords, (ing, ed, s and es).

Rack your brain and brainstorm together with your friends to return up with a listing of twenty five to fifty keywords or keyword phrases.

Find out what keywords and keyword phrases your competitors are using. try this by reaching to your competitor's websites and click on on "View" within the high toolbar and then click on "Source." Scroll all the way down to the "Keywords Meta Tag" and you'll see the keywords this competitor thinks are necessary. Repeat this with all of your necessary competitors.

Go to attend the "Term Suggestion Tool" and kind in your keywords and keyword phrases. (Keep in mind that Overture teams singular and plural words along.)

Words with a count of three hundred to five hundred are sensible. Words with counts of five hundred to one,000 are nice (maybe). It depends on a term referred to as KEI that we'll quote later during this article.

Use Google's Keyword Suggestion Tool at

The best place to urge facilitate with keywords is you'll be able to get lots of free data here or pay concerning $7 and find even additional data. the rationale this web site is therefore nice is that it tells you ways over and over a keyword phrase is explore for, however it additionally tells you ways several different sites are competing with you for the keyword or keyword phrase.

This data is combined into a term referred to as a "Keyword Effectiveness Index" or KEI. A keyword phrase with a KEI of zero to ten sometimes shouldn't be selected. ten to a hundred is sweet. a hundred to four hundred is nice and higher than four hundred could be a gift from heaven.

All of this can be explained utterly on the WordTacker internet web site therefore I will not repeat it here. Take time to scan all of the directions and knowledge.

You can solely optimize a page a pair of|for two} to five keywords or 2 to three keyword phrases. do not attempt to do everything on your home page. Decide what {number} pages you're reaching to have (3 to five are the minimum number of pages for prime search engine rankings). Then use all of the higher than techniques to return up together with your list of keyword phrases.

After you have got selected your list of keywords and keyword phrases another sensible check to run is to search out out the keywords that individuals are literally spending their cash on. How does one do this? It's straightforward. attend and hunt for book titles together with your selected keywords or keyword phrases. Then check to examine how the books rank in sales for Amazon. The lower the amount the higher.

A number of five,000 means that it's within the high five-hitter (assuming Amazon has a meg books. they really have several additional.). If individuals are spending cash shopping for books (on the Internet) concerning your keywords, it tells me that you simply have a decent likelihood of selling your product or services on the net additionally.

The last purpose to contemplate is what percentage times does one use your keyword phrases on every page? I actually have seen #1 ranking with a keyword phrase density of solely zero.5% to over two hundredth. Google does not like high keyword densities from now on. a decent vary to shoot for now's concerning 1 Chronicles to twenty. perhaps a bit higher, however not a lot of. Google could increase this range within the future, except for currently, keep your keyword phrase density low. Google calls a high keyword density "over optimization" and that they will penalize a web site for this.

That means if you have got three hundred words on your page, you'd ought to have concerning vi to twenty one keyword phrases on your page. do not over do it and build your page sound silly. scan your page out loud and see if sounds alright. Be inventive and you'll be able to get lots of keyword phrases into your page and still build it sound affordable. Also, it is vital to possess a high keyword density within the 1st one hundred fifty words on the page, however bear in mind that if your page is in columns, {the 1st|the primary} word is that the first word in your LEFT Nav. panel . . . NOT the primary word in your center panel.

Use your keywords and keyword phrases during a sentence. Search engines outline a sentence as a gaggle of 3 or additional words that begin with a capital letter and finish with a amount or different acceptable puncation mark. This additionally means that you ought to place a amount or question mark at the tip of every heading or headline to form them seem like a sentence and NOT sort of a cluster of keyowrds.

This means you ought to NEVER have simply a listing of keywords. Keywords that don't seem to be employed in a sentence have little or no (if any) worth to extend your search engine ranking. In fact, if you go overboard, it may be labeled as keyword spamming by the search engines. This additionally means keywords listed in your left Nav. panel won't facilitate your rankings. The search engines cops don't seem to be stupid. They grasp what you're making an attempt to try to to if you insert lists of keywords.

In summary, be inventive, take some time and realize the easiest keywords and keyword phrases. After all, what sensible would it not does one to urge #1 rankings for keyword phrases that nobody really searches for.

The higher than data doesn't tell you everything concerning keywords and keyword phrases, however it points you within the right direction. I did not repeat the directions that are included within the websites I referred you to.

Make sure your keywords or keyword phrases are employed in all of your outbound links and take a look at to urge web sites that are linking to you to use your keywords or keyword phrases in their links to your site. Otherwise, the links wouldn't be terribly valuable to you.

Improve Site Ranking

Not several net master take the time to use a robots.txt file for his or her web site. For search engine spiders that use the robots.txt to visualize what directories to go looking through, the robots.txt file will be terribly useful keep the spiders indexing your actual pages and not different data, like exploring through your stats!

The robots.txt file is helpful keep your spiders from accessing components folders and files in your hosting directory that are totally unrelated to your actual net web site content. you'll opt to have the spiders kept out of areas that contain programming that search engines cannot parse properly, and to stay them out of the online stats portion of your web site.

Many search engines cannot read dynamically generated content properly, mainly created by programming languages, like PHP or ASP. If you have got an internet store programmed in your hosting account, and it's during a seperate directory, you'd be wise to dam out the spiders from this directory thus it solely finds relevant data.

The robots.txt file ought to be placed within the directory where your main files for your hosting are located. thus you'd be suggested to form a blank text file, and put it aside as robots.txt, and then upload it to your net hosting to identical directory your index.htm file is found.

Here is samples of the utilization of the robots.txt file:

To block out a directory during a robots.txt file, like a subdirectory for your on-line store known as /store/ you'd do the following: Disallow: /store/

Another example to dam out your stats directory: Disallow: /stats/

You may additionally need to disallow individual files that you simply don't need searched by the search engines. as an example you dont need search.php to be parsed by the Search Engines. to try to to this you sort within the following on its own line:

Disallow: /search.php

Following the principles made public and making the robots.txt file, you may keep search engine spiders out of unwanted files and directories, and letting them undergo the necessary files to visualize what your net web site is all about!

Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Search engine optimization is on each webmaster's mind recently. Achieving a good ranking for the proper keywords will mean a gradual stream of targeted traffic to your website, and every one for free of charge - that is onerous to beat. The key to high search engine rankings is structuring your web site properly, as well as many content that's relevant to your keywords, and ensuring your web site is spider-friendly. you'll be able to use this checklist to create certain all of your websites may be found, indexed and ranked correctly:

Your web site is themed.  Your {site|website|web website} deals with an identifiable theme that is apparent from the text on the house page and bolstered by all the opposite pages on your site. In different words, all the individual websites relate to every different and wear down varied aspects of some central theme. The text on your home page ought to state clearly what that theme is and what your web site is concerning, and also the different pages ought to reinforce that.

Your websites have enough top quality, relevant content.  Spiders come back to your web site probing for content. If a page does not have abundant content, or the content does not seem closely associated with the page's title and your website's theme, the page in all probability will not be indexed or if it's indexed it will not rank well. Search engines love quality content and plenty of it - content is what internet searchers are probing for and search engines attempt to offer.

Your website's navigational structure is comparatively flat. you do not wish necessary pages to be too "deep" among your web site, which means it takes many clicks to urge there from the house page. Search engines generally index the house page initial, then gradually index different pages on a website over time. several spiders are programmed to solely go 3 layers deep - if a number of your necessary content is buried deeper than that, it should never be found and indexed in the slightest degree.

You've created a singular "Title" tag for every page.  The title is one in every of the foremost necessary aspects of any website from an SEO standpoint, particularly for Google (which is that the most significant search engine to optimize for). do not use a generic title for all of your pages, use the keywords your targeting for that page and keep it transient however descriptive.

You use the "Description" meta tag.  Contains a highly descriptive sentence concerning the content and purpose of your page, and contains your most significant keyword phrase early within the sentence. Not all of the search engines can show this "canned" description after they list the page in search results, however several of them can, therefore it's price obtaining it right.

You use the "Keywords" meta tag. like the meta tag description, not each search engine can use the keywords meta tag. however some can use it and none can penalize you for having it. Also, having a brief list of the keywords you are targeting can assist you write applicable content for every page. The keyword tage ought to contain your targeted keyword phrase and customary variations, common misspellings and connected terms. confirm your keywords relate closely to the page content and tie into the general theme of your website.

Your keywords are included within the visible page content, ideally high up on the page. you've got to realize a balance here - you would like to incorporate keyword phrases (and variations) variety of times among your text, however not such a large amount of times that you just seem to be guilty of "keyword stuffing". The trick is to figure the keywords into the text in order that it reads as naturally as attainable for your website guests. Remember, you'll be able to incorporate keywords into any website component that's doubtless viewable by website guests - header text, link text and titles, table captions, the "Alt" attribute of the image tag, the "title" attribute of the link tag, etc.

Every page of your web site may be reached by search engine spiders. this can be important - if your pages cannot be found, they can not be indexed and included in search results, as well as rank well. Search engines use spiders to explore your web site and index the pages, therefore each page should be accessible by following text links. If pages need a password to look at, are generated by a script in response to a question , or have a protracted and complex URL, spiders might not be ready to scan them. you wish to possess easy text links to the pages you would like indexed.

You've included a website map.  Unless your website is extremely tiny, it is a smart plan to form a website map with text links that you just link to the location map from your home page. additionally to a link, embrace descriptive text for holding the relevant keywords for every page.

You link to your most significant pages from different pages on your website.  Internal links facilitate verify page rank since they show that pages of your website are most significant. The a lot of links you've got to possess to a page, relative to different pages on your website, the a lot of importance search engines can assign to it.

You use keywords in your link text. once you produce a text link to a different page on your website, use that page's targeted keywords because the text for the link (inside the anchor tags that make the link). build it as descriptive as attainable. as an example, a link that claims "Premium Customized Widgets" is way higher than one that claims merely "Product Page", and indicates to go looking engine spiders what that linked page is concerning.

Your website does not use frames.  If attainable, do not use frames on any page you would like to urge indexed by search engines. If you're feeling you just should use frames for a page, then conjointly build use of the "noframes" HTML tags to supply various text that spiders will scan (and build that text descriptive instead of simply a notice that "This website uses frames etc. etc.").

You don't use automatic page redirects. do not build any pages automatically redirect the visitor to a different page (the exception could be a page you have deleted for smart - during which case you must use a "301 redirect", a permanent redirect that is suitable to go looking engines).

Your necessary content is in plain text and not contained in pictures.  Search engine spiders cannot "read" content in JPEG, GIF, or PNG files. If you actually feel that using a picture instead of text is crucial to your style, a minimum of place constant text within the image's "Alt" tag (or within the "title" tag if you are using the image as a hyperlink).

Your necessary content isn't contained in Flash files.  Flash could be a wonderful technology, however sadly spiders haven't got the desired "plugin" to look at Flash files. As a result, Flash content is usually inaccessible to go looking engine spiders. Some will realize and follow hyperlinks among the Flash file, however unless those links result in pages with readable HTML content this may not assist you abundant. do not produce all-Flash pages for any content you would like to urge indexed - instead, place that content within the HTML portion of the page.

Links and keywords don't seem to be hidden within JavaScript code.  If your links use JavaScript to direct the user to the acceptable page (for instance, a drop-down list) or necessary content is contained among JavaScript code (when it's displayed dynamically using DHTML, for instance) search engine spiders will not be ready to "see" it. You can, however, use the "noscript" HTML tags to supply an alternate that may be scan by spiders.

You've optimized each necessary page of your web site individually. do not stop at your home page. Take the difficulty to optimize any page that incorporates a affordable probability of being indexed by the main search engines, targeting applicable keywords for every. If you face lots of competition it should be nearly not possible to urge a high ranking for your home page, however you'll be able to still get lots of search engine traffic to your website from different pages that are targeted on terribly specific keyword phrases.

You did not duplicate content. every page of your {site|website|web website} ought to have distinctive content that distinguishes it from each different page on your site. Duplicating content or having pages that are solely slightly completely different may well be seen as "search engine spamming" (trying to govern search engine results).

You offer linking directions for people who wish to link to your website.  Somewhere on your {site|website|web website} state your policies concerning people linking to your site and supply the wording you would like them to use in their link. you would like to encourage people to link to your website, ideally using link text and an outline that replicate the keywords for that page. for his or her convenience offer the ready-made HTML code for the link - not everybody can use it, however most frequently they're going to use your most popular text as a courtesy as long because it is really descriptive of your website and does not contain "marketing hype".

You offer linking directions for people who wish to link to your website.  Somewhere on your {site|website|web website} state your policies concerning people linking to your site and supply the wording you would like them to use in their link. you would like to encourage people to link to your website, ideally using link text and an outline that replicate the keywords for that page. for his or her convenience offer the ready-made HTML code for the link - not everybody can use it, however several can use your most popular text as a courtesy as long because it does not contain "marketing hype".

Important hyperlinks are plain text links and not image links or image maps.  Text links are higher from an SEO standpoint than image links, as spiders cannot scan text from a picture file. If you're feeling you actually should use a graphic as a link, a minimum of embrace a text description that (including the relevant keywords) by using the "title" attribute of the link tag.

Your web site is freed from coding errors and broken links.  HTML coding errors and non-working links will keep search engine spiders from properly reading and indexing your pages. For that reason, it is a smart plan to use an online page validation utility to see your HTML code to create certain it's error-free.

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