Application TOS on Blog

Important is the use of TOS on a blog? I personally think that the application of the TOS (Terms of Service) on a blog is an important thing to implement. But my opinion could be different from your opinion, and for me this is a reasonableness.

Indeed, I see little bloggers who apply the TOS on the blog that they manage. Application of the TOS is more often found in forums that discuss both matters both legal and illegal.

According to wikipedia TOS (Terms of Service) is the Terms of Service (commonly abbreviated as TOS or TOS and also known as Terms of Use, Terms & Conditions or Terms for short) rules are the which one must agree to abide by in order to use a service . Unless in violation of consumer protection laws, Such terms are usually legally binding. Terms of Service can also be Referred to as Terms of Use or Sometimes merely a disclaimer, ESPECIALLY regarding the use of websites.

Important in SEO for PDF

PDF files have a pagerank. Pagerank is a measure of the popularity of a web page created by Google that its value depends on the number of links that point to a web page. Apparently, a PDF file also has a pagerank, for example, PDF file 2009 calendar currently has a PR = 1.

PDF file size determines whether or not the file is indexed by Google. My PDF files containing the 2009 calendar with a size 653 KB so far Google has not indexed. Thus it can be predicted that Google likes PDF files are small in size.

Google can index PDF files protected "password to modify". File 2009 calendar that I made this is a password protected PDF files to be opened but can not be edited, and it turns out Google is able to index the file. For PDF files that are not protected, obviously Google and other search engines can index it.

PDF file name will be the URL of the PDF, to choose a name that reflects the contents of such document or keyword


SEO for PDF means that businesses create PDF document files (Portable Document Format) that we upload on the Internet gets high rankings on search engines (SEO = Search Engine Optimization). Suppose we have a ebook or PDF document to another, using SEO techniques to PDF, PDF files will appear on the first page of search engines (Google, Yahoo, et al) for the appropriate keywords. How?

Actually SEO techniques to PDF is not much different SEO techniques to ordinary web pages, but usually this is not done web owners, because they focus on SEO for their web pages, rather than for the PDF file. For just a flashback, here's two SEO techniques for ordinary web pages that also apply to PDF:

   *  Focus on quality content and keywords or keyword.
   *  Expand the link to that page.

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