Application TOS on Blog

Important is the use of TOS on a blog? I personally think that the application of the TOS (Terms of Service) on a blog is an important thing to implement. But my opinion could be different from your opinion, and for me this is a reasonableness.

Indeed, I see little bloggers who apply the TOS on the blog that they manage. Application of the TOS is more often found in forums that discuss both matters both legal and illegal.

According to wikipedia TOS (Terms of Service) is the Terms of Service (commonly abbreviated as TOS or TOS and also known as Terms of Use, Terms & Conditions or Terms for short) rules are the which one must agree to abide by in order to use a service . Unless in violation of consumer protection laws, Such terms are usually legally binding. Terms of Service can also be Referred to as Terms of Use or Sometimes merely a disclaimer, ESPECIALLY regarding the use of websites.


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