Link Building based Page Segmentation

The days of basing a successful link building strategy on link amount and anchor text alone is also numbered. The link popularity theories behind PageRank and Hilltop stay vital, however major search engines are regularly adding new components to their link algorithms to boost search relevance. one amongll|one amongst|one in every of} these new components is that the concept of visual page segmentation that was recently proposed in a paper entitled "Block-level Link Analysis," by Deng Cai, Xaiofei He, Ji-Rong Wen and Wei-Ying, out there on-line at

How VIPS Works

The paper introduces VIsion-based Page Segmentation (VIPS), that begins with the premise that current link popularity algorithms are faulty in that they contemplate every page on the planet Wide net as one node. completely different|completely different} "blocks" on a page but usually have different semantics; as an example, a block on the left facet of the page would possibly contain a general navigational menu or text link advertisements, whereas the block on the proper facet of the page would possibly contain an informational article or links to alternative websites a couple of sure topic. When VIPS is applied, these blocks is separated by a pc with a vision-based program. every block will then be thought-about because the basic unit of research, instead of the whole page. When a link is scored in terms of its block, the link"s contextual relevance is interpreted additional intelligently by search engines.

What VIPS means that for Search Engine Optimization

In the close to future major search engines like Google, Yahoo! net Search and MSN Search can probably integrate some type of visual page segmentation into their search algorithms. A successful search engine optimization strategy ought to incorporate data of block-level analysis to confirm that the consequences of a link building campaign are maximized. however how specifically will a plan like VIPS have an effect on search engine optimization? 2 consequences particularly ought to create each SEO take pause.

Devaluation of Links from sure Blocks

VIPS can permit search engines to differentiate between links from the content block and links from alternative blocks like text advertisement blocks or footer blocks. As such, algorithms may simply weight links from every block differently.

A link from the content block might be thought-about as additional probably to be a real recommendation than a link from a text link advertisement block. Search engines might so offer additional weight to in-content links whereas devaluing links that seem to be advertisements. Sites that rent links through link networks typically do place them in an exceedingly block on top of, below or to the facet of the content block. When VIPS is implemented, there's a risk that a lot of rented advertisement links might be devalued.

Improved Contextual Analysis

The theme during which your link is placed conjointly are additional vital than ever before. several search engine optimizers have voiced their opinion that "anchor text is everything"; that's, the theme of a page linking to an online website doesn't parse link relevance, however solely the anchor text of the link will.

With block-level analysis, search engines are ready to acknowledge the theme of any given block additional simply. this could have the impact of boosting the link relevance for links from tightly-themed content blocks, whereas devaluing links that are in an exceedingly block with no apparent theme.

Links that may invariably Soar

A search engine optimizer needn't worry the consequences of VIsion-based Page Segmentation. though VIPS can in all probability devalue sure varieties of links that are favored by several SEOs, it'll concurrently increase the worth of themed, in-context links.

I have invariably stressed the worth of legitimate links from directories, articles and press releases. These varieties of links are placed in an exceedingly content block and are tightly themed (that is, your target keywords are close to your link).Webmasters who actively build these varieties of links can have the benefit of future rankings even when new twists like VIPS are added into the algorithmic combine. In fact, these algorithmic enhancements ought to improve search relevance and neutralize a number of the spammier link building ways. and that is one thing we should always all be happy regarding.


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