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Google Panda, a new algorithm that google really - really makes a lot of publishers become dizzy made. For that, I'm trying to help by making the articles related to SEO for google agolritma panda.

1. Start by creating blogs with a minimum of 50-10 pages with a unique and informative title

Why must a minimum of 5 articles? The answer is simple. In order to access google is not limited to only certain pages. Google frequency will crawl our site. If we only have a few pages and there are no changes on that page, then google will stop crawling the page.

2. Once there is an indexed, start updating the blog with a frequency unique article. I recommend 5 articles per day.

Why wait after the indexed? In order for google job is not too heavy. If it is indexed, then google when there are new posts, crawl frequency on the old page will be slightly reduced and began to prioritize on a new page for access to those URLs easier. Why? Since the link to the post are at the beginning of our blog page.

3. Use proper meta description for all pages / posts you have made

If anyone says that the meta description is no longer a factor, it's a big mistake in my opinion. Why? Because Google still uses the meta description for the initial identity of a page. Are no longer valid in the eyes of google is the meta keywords.

4. Create sitemap.xml

Sitemap serves as a guide for the spiders to further explore our site. So, this is needed, so google it easier to know the page - the page contained on our website.

5. Register your blog on google webmaster tools, submit a sitemap

6. Create a blog is fast loading but still a beauty

    * Minimize the use of excessive images
    * Minimize the use of javascript, java, flash, etc.
    * Put the javascript in the footer

7. Use heading tags as an important identity:

    * H1 for the title of the blog
    * H2 for article title, sidebar
    * H3 for the title of the sidebar, optional
    * h4 optional
    * h5 optional
    * h7 optional

8. Begin to create internal linking

9. Do not forget the importance of image alt

10. Do not forget the importance of keyword density

Keyword density is the ratio of the number of keywords pharse with all the words in these pages. Keyword destiny is best to less than 5% more than 2%.

11. Do not forget the importance of breadcumb

Just like the internal links, breadcumb serves to provide access to the spiders to explore our site.

12. There must be no brokenlink on the web / blog

13. Make a list of links is important as access / gate / way for the crawler to crawl the page.

14. Create a category in the navigation header

15. Use the appropriate permalink.

17. Never make invisible text and hidden html

Google does not like invisible text and hidden html.

18. Setup 301 redirect

The idea is to transform the temporary into a permanent redirect to redirect your domain. For example redirect to or vice versa.

After all the above standards are met and has been running about - about 3 months, then you do the following:

    1. Begin to look for high quality backlinks and never once - once to find low quality backlinks
    2. Start looking for backlinks from article directories, social bookmarking and rss directory

    You still have to remember frequencies. Do not overdo it.

    3. Start to create a review for your blog and your blog link in the review page
    4. Avoid using backlinks blogroll, wide backlink, backlink footer.
    5. Ping periodically and regularly
    6. Use no crawler page for marketing / promotion of your blog such as Facebook.
    7. Start looking for a natural frequency backlink
    8. Leave spamming

For wordpress users, a plugin which is highly recommended are:

     1. All-in-One SEO
     2. or Platinum SEO Pack
     3. Google XML Sitemap
     4. Contact Form 7
     5. W3 Total Cache
     6. Permalink Redirect
     7. Broken Link Checker
     8. WP-PageNavi
     9. SEO Smart Links
    10. SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2
    11. SEO Friendly Images
    12. Simple tags
    13. GTranslate
    14. Redirection (setup 301 redirection).


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