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Tricks and ways by which I mean a way where when you build or create a blog / website. There are some tricks that we have to do, blogs to quickly indexed by search engines.

Here's the trick that should be done:

1. Find the keyword or keywords right and good for blogs that we will create. About the search for the keywords a proper blog is actually a lot of techniques and how, but I own there is a most simple, practical and interesting to look for a keyword or keywords.

2. At first start up a blog / site search is a seo friendly templete, if we use a blogspot that is now the default templete at blogspot also have a lot of seo fiendly

3. Before you start creating a blog should be prepared for the first 2 or 3 pieces of articles that will be posted on a blog that his later we will make, and remember not to use the results of Copas article (copy and paste) because the search engines hate it, and if it is we do it automatically must be rejected by search engines.

4. after finding a suitable templete and seo friendly and then we install the templete, then the next step is to start making blog posts. Try to create a post 2 or 3 pieces of the article at the first start up a blog.

5. Do not change anything on the blog from its original default when you first start up a blog. and Do not advertise or barner or put a link / other blogs in your first blog for the first time we made it, let as usual at times, though looks bad, leave it as it is dulu.Karena considered spam by search engines if we do the advertising or designing the blog with strange design with the intention to beautify the appearance of the blog.

6. Let the blog appear there apanya both the content and design blogs, to just start again next day to create or add to his blog posts, and start by changing or designing a piecemeal appearance including advertisements on the blog. specifically for advertising or barner not too many are in pairs.

7. When finished making 2 or 3 posts on the blog that we just created, the next step is, directly register the blog to search engines, like google, yahoo. bing and others belong to the site directory.


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