To be stable in the website search-engine

Not a few web sites have made it into the desired position suddenly bounced to the page very much. Why can this happen? Some things to watch out for websites related to the instability of the position include age of the website. Websites that the new age, especially under one year is more volatile so easily thrown into the backyard. But usually temporary. Google is usually done to test your website.

In addition, off page SEO techniques that you do have natural as possible. For example in instilling backlinks, do not jump in the number of lots in the same time, especially for the new website. This will make Google suspicious that your website will be blacklisted.

Likewise, in choosing a web hosting service. Should choose a web hosting that is stable and has a 99.9% up time. It is intended that when Google visited, your website is not in a state of downtime.


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