Tips to avoid Goggle Panda

Here's to avoid the Google blog Panda.
1. For users stt2 plugin, please tamed setingannya, who initially set the number of keywords that are listed one per below article hundreds, even thousands, fox immediately by installing 10 alone or default, and direct link to the post, not to the search page, because if you view the first directed search our blog AGC tends to be regarded as a blog and will be banned at all times.

2. Check the webmaster tools, do not there is a page that contains the error, or even duplicate, both copies of duplicate title or description. As much as possible for each page of your blog is unique in the eyes of the robot.

3. Fill in 404 pages with suggested cse webmaster tools, please find the script in webmaster tools and apply on your blog.

4. Do not give excessive backlinks to your blog under 3 months old, if over 3 months you may Banyakin backlinknya, but the manual, do not use or xrummer scrapebos.

5. Update Max 10 articles every day on your blog, remember google does not like farm site content, so do not be too many updates articles, try just a little but routine.

That's a few tips I can give, the above tips do not make 100 percent of your blogs free google Banned, but minimize the incidence for banned.


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