Ways protecting rank in search engines

If you have got an internet web site that you simply are maintaining and updating on a standardized basis for many years, likelihood is, you have got acquired some good traffic from the search engines. The factor that almost all webmasters don’t take into account is that when they need that search engine traffic, it doesn’t mean it'll keep forever. There are things which will happen along with your internet web site which will cause it to drop out of the search engine rankings. therefore what's an internet master to try to to so as to stay their search engine rankings?

Some terribly legitimate top quality sites are being hurt by a number of the actions taken by the search engines to ban the spammy sites created by but above-board webmasters. There are some things a webmaster will do to scale back their possibilities of their legitimate website being mistaken for a spam site.

1) beware in who you're linking to on your web site.

While it's smart to possess links that are useful to your internet guests, you wish to use caution who you're linking to. If you link to sites that are thought of “bad neighborhoods”, you may actually see a drop in your search engine results. this can be as a result of the search engines can assume simply} are linking just to extend your search engine ranking. Avoid linking to sites and pages that are largely a listing of links. several of those sites are somewhat spammy and conjointly link to several alternative “questionable” sites. If you would like to place your link in a very link directory, select top quality link directories, particularly if these directories need a reciprocal link back to their web site. typically paying the couple of dollars they raise for to urge listed may well be worthwhile because it can filter out all of the spammers. The penalty hit is from an action on your a part of linking to the unhealthy neighborhood therefore you'll management it by not linking to 1 within the 1st place. If you aren’t certain if the sites are in unhealthy neighborhoods or not, you'll simply check it out by using on-line tools that tell you if your web site is linking to a foul neighborhood. Tools like bad-neighborhood.com offer you detailed data regarding the websites you're linking to.

2) ensure your keyword density isn’t too high

Your keyword density is additionally an element that affects your search engine rankings. Search engines confirm the relevance of your web site to a specific subject by the utilization of keywords in your online page text. the upper the density of the keyword, the a lot of relevant the net page for that keyword subject. but too high a keyword density, and also the search engines can take into account you attempting to spam the search engines and can penalize your web site for keyword stuffing, or keyword spamming. Content with a conversational tone or a natural editorial flavor will turn out a premium keyword density and leave you with smart quality content. The recent rule of thumb is that your keyword ought to never seem in additional than half the sentences on the page. a more robust approach is to possess your keyword not seem in additional than 1/3 of the sentences, however use synonyms and alternative connected keywords on the page yet to feature relevance. In total, you don’t need your keyword density to be higher than third-dimensional. Tools like keyworddensity.com will offer you a fast reference to online page keyword density.

There are thereforeme easy stuff you will do to stay your legitimate internet website higher than board and not have it mistaken for a spam site so it doesn’t lose rank within the search engines. These a pair of are a number of the simplest and quickest stuff you will do to stay your web site higher than board and ranking well within the search engines.


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Both points made here are important. Also you have to take eye on every link created. Also you have to understand your competitor.

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